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Home Batt Box Subscription
Home Batt Box Subscription

We offer selected batting products in an auto ship subscription that simply allows you to save money and receive batting when you need it. Select the duration of time that works best for you and we will ship your order to you automatically.

All auto-ship orders are placed 2 weeks prior to the cycle date to insure the factory sends your batting to you in the time you expect it. You can cancel at any time however due to our order cycle you should notify us at least two weeks prior to your ship date. If you order on the 15th auto ship, your subscription payment will be charged on the 15th of every cycle you selected. 

If we receive cancelation after the order is processing at the factory, your cancellation will apply to the next billing cycle.

If you have any questions with your billing you are always welcome to email or call us at 833-378-4589