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Here are answers to some of your questions. If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to email us at or call us at 347-391-1604

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Preparation of Your Quilt Top:

  • Press your quilt top and backing thoroughly. Both sides need to be flat and without any overlapping seams on the top and flat seams on the back. All seams should be as flat as possible and the top should be ironed flat. If your backing is pieced, please iron the seams flat.

  • Clearly label the top of your quilt top and backing. Most people pin a piece of paper that clearly states top to the quilt top and backing.

  • Your quilt should have a flat smooth surface for our edge to edge top stitch services. If there is anything dimensional or loose on your quilt top it needs to be basted down flat so that our machine head will not get caught on the surface. If your quilt has any flaps or pleats or anything unusual, please contact us before you place your order.

  • Square up your backing fabric. Make sure your backing is a minimum of 4″ wider on both sides and 4″ longer on both sides than the front of your quilt (If your top is 92 x 96 backing needs to be at least 100” ×104'“). What’s the math? Simply take your quilt top width and add 8 inches, then take your quilt top length and add 8 inches. You then have the total width and length that your backing minimally needs to be. We will not sew on material as leaders if you send us a quilt backing that is exactly the same size as your quilt top.

  • Clip all loose threads from the back and front of the quilt top.  They will show through lighter fabric.

  • Pack your quilt top and backing in a box or envelope. Our shipping address is at the top of your order confirmation email that you received when you placed your order.

  • Please include either a copy of your order confirmation in your box or a note with your name, order number and include any details you want us to know..

  • If you would like to confirm that your package has arrived, please send us an email with your order number to confirm it’s arrival. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 347-391-1604 or email us at

  • When your quilt is shipped back to you, you will receive a notification email with a tracking number for you to track your shipment.

How do I estimate what the cost of my quilt having long arm stitching?

We tried to make it very simple without additional costs of batting and thread or other add on expenses. We offer a flat rate price based on quilt size . Prices include cost of batting, thread and free return shipping. Select Regular Long Arm Service and select the quilt size, check the listing measurements to confirm your quilt top is in the size range of that size category and hit add to cart.

How do i ship my quilt?

Box up your quilt and visit USPS, UPS or your local shipping outlet. We highly recommend using flat rate envelopes and boxes for sending us your quilt top and backing. These packages are available at no cost at your local post office or you can order them online at no cost from USPS.

If you need an estimate, you can use the to enter in your box dimensions and weight with the addresses and get an estimate of shipping costs. You can also request a pickup of your box directly from UPS, FedEx or DHL and they will pick it up for you, visit their websites to learn more.

Where do I ship my quilt to?

We are located at 199 Creamery Road, Stanfordville, New York 12581. When you place your order you immediately receive a confirmation email with shipment instructions that includes our address and other important details. If you have any questions, you are welcome to call us at 347-391-1604.

Terms for Free Shipping

Please note we only provide free shipping to customers located in the contiguous United States. International and U.S. territories customers will be notified of shipping costs.

How do i choose a top stitch design that works for my quilt?

We know that choosing a top stitch design can be nerve racking but you have made a beautiful quilt top and to get to the point of completion you have achieved, follow your instincts. If you aren’t sure, message us with at least two or three designs you are considering for your quilt and an image of your quilt and we will give you our best input. BUT it is your quilt! You do know best and we can be that friend that gives you our best guess.

What batting do I choose?

Cotton batting provides a heavier feel to your quilt, more reminiscent of older quilts. There is a 1 to 2% shrinkage with cotton batting.

Polyester batting provides a higher loft, lighter weight and can be warmer than the cotton batting.

A blended 80/20 batting has a nice weight and is very popular.

If you would like to send your own batting, you are welcome to but it must be sized at least 4 inches wider and longer on all 4 sides of the quilt top like the backing material.

What do i need to do to ready my quilt for top stitching?

  • Iron the quilt top and backing. Iron seams consistently so the surface is very smooth. Iron all to the right side, all to the left side or down the middle but be consistent.

  • The quilt backing should extend 4 inches in all directions that means 4 inches to the width and 4 inches to the length. Square up backing and quilt top.

  • Cut all loose threads on top and bottom side. Threads show through if left unclipped on bottom side.

How Can You Offer These Prices?

We use state of the art technology that provides consistent, high-quality top stitching with dependable accuracy and repeatability. Our staff is highly skilled at designing top stitches and machining quilts. We know from personal experience the amount of care, hard work and dedication that it takes to make a quilt. Providing you with a finished quilt that reflects that care is our ultimate goal.

Can I create an account?

Yes, anyone who places an order with us can create an account that will show order history, billing information etc. Any members will also have an account that can be logged into at any time where account and billing information is housed.

What types of fabric can be used for the backing of my quilt?

If you are not using a cotton for your quilt backing and are concerned if your material can be used please do not hesitate to contact us. A material that has a great deal of stretch may not be well suited but there are stabilizers and other techniques you can do to prepare the material for the long arm process.

My quilt is not perfect, is this ok?

We work with quilters who have all levels of experience. If there are areas of your quilt that are bunching or do not lay flat, this will be a problem for the long arm process because the top stitch is basically sandwiching the quilt top with the batting and backing. As part of the long arm process, we stitch down the sides of the quilt top to the backing as we progress the quilt through the long arm machine to keep the surfaces flat and smooth for the top stitch. If areas have excess material, that material has to go somewhere and either it will double over or distort the quilt top. We are not perfect either though we try to do our best with every quilt top we stitch so we understand that there may be some irregularities but if your quilt has significant distortions talk to us and we will try to help. The process of preparing your quilt top will help you spot these issues as you iron the surface. Please be aware that long arm quilting your quilt top will not “fix” these issues.

what color should i use for my top stitch thread?

We only use high-quality thread because it holds up better over the lifetime of your quilt and it delivers the best result for your top stitch.

If you would like a bold impact to the top stitch, chose a contrasting or strongest color in the design of your print fabrics, if you would like a top stitch design that blends or is more muted to your design then choose something very neutral. A beige, pale yellow, grey or middle ground color. What is a middle ground color? In the spectrum of very dark to the lightest colors in your quilt, chose a color you see in the design that looks like the color that would be between the darkest to lightest therefore the middle ground color.

What thread colors are available?

These are our available thread colors. Please contact us if you have a special request and we will try to work with you.

We use Omni thread.

We use Omni thread.

How do you categorize the size of my quilt?

Quilt sizes are determined by our discretion. These are the standard quilt sizes upon which the plan was configured.

Quilt top measurements may vary by +-2 IN before the size is considered the next size up or down.

The 4 IN of extra material requested in our Quilt Prep Guidelines on each side of the quilt top you send us is not calculated in how we determine your quilt size. The 4 IN of extra material is not stitched on is a a boundary helpful in the machining hold down process.

Entering Your Desired Return Shipping Date on Your Order Form

EFFECTIVE 6/29/2019


Select your desired return shipping date which refers to a suggested date we are shipping your finished quilt from our studio. This is not a guaranteed date but if you have extenuating deadlines, please let us know. Please be advised, in the event we experience a machine being down or other circumstances outside of our control, there may be delays in shipping. We do our best to get your quilt back to you as soon as possible.

We ship Monday through Friday. Please select a date that is reasonable from when you expect us to receive the quilt top and backing. Please do not send your quilt top days before your desired return shipping date. We prefer to have your quilt top 30 days prior to the date so we have time and if we can get it processed and back to you sooner, we prefer to do that. If you require expedited turn around, please contact us and an additional cost may apply. Please let us know of this deadline before you place your order so we can assess if we can meet your deadline. Please do not list a holiday or weekend date. We try to meet your desired return shipping date however in the event we are unable, we will notify you of the expected shipping date. The desired return shipping date is the date we will plan to ship from our studios not the date you expect it to arrive to you. We cannot control shipping arrival dates, we try to meet you deadline for your finished quilt leaving our studios. Please be prepared that we always do everything we can to produce at a rate to meet everyone’s deadlines and needs but if you have a hard deadline, please let us know when you order or before you order so that we can be sure to meet your expectations. We want to be the service you can count on and that we can meet your expectations.

What is your turn around time?

We receive and process quilts as fast as possible. If you need your quilt completed in an expedited time frame please contact us before placing your order. We ship and receive quilts daily. When you place your order you can enter in your desired return shipping date and you are always welcome to contact us if there is a need for expedited processing of your quilt and we will work with you. If there is any reason for delay we will contact you. When you enter your desired return shipping date, that is the date you are requesting it ship from our studios not the date you receive it. We cannot control the speed of shipping.

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