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1. Press your quilt top and backing thoroughly. 2. Square up your backing fabric. Make sure your backing is a total of 4″ wider on both sides and 4″ longer on both sides than the front of your quilt (If your top is 92 x 96 backing needs to be at least 100” ×104'“). 3. Clip all loose threads from the back and front of the quilt top. They will show through lighter fabric. 4. Pack your quilt top, backing, your prepared binding material (if you want us to add your binding) and your material for the embroidered tag if you wish your material to be used. Binding materials must be cut 4IN wide strips. We machine bind edging onto your quilt. Just as soon as your masterpiece is ready, we will ship your quilt to you. We ship daily. There may be delays to your quilt being stitched if the above guidelines for preparation of your quilt are not completed.
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