Bumble Bee Quilter Annual Subscription

Bumble Bee Quilter Annual Subscription


The Bumble Bee Quilter Membership includes:

A full year for $1,425 (includes 5% savings from the monthly subscription)

Edge to Edge Designs

Price includes cost of batting, thread and return shipping.

This membership includes custom embroidered labels for each quilt.

Size determines number of quilts per month. Please see numbers below and carefully read the additional info section.

Applicable Sizes and Quantities:

3 Baby Quilts


2 Throw Size Quilts


1 Twin with machined binding


1 Queen Size

See additional info for terms and conditions of this plan.

  • This plan is intended for a full year subscription. You can cancel at any time by contacting us by phone or email. We request that you give us a 30 day notice before canceling. If you cancel within the first four months of your subscription you will be charged for the quilts completed in your last month at the regular rate of our long arm services with your last monthly payment deducted from the total.

  • If you send additional quilts outside of the number allotted by the membership level, you will be charged as our per quilt rates designate. If you are ever uncertain how many quilts you have left in a month, you can reach out to us for an update on your account.

  • Quilt sizes are determined by our discretion. These are the standard quilt sizes upon which this plan was configured. Reference for Standard Quilt Sizes: Baby Quilt 36 IN x 48 IN; Throw Quilt 48 IN x 60 IN; Twin 66 IN x 90 IN; Queen 90 IN x 90 IN; King 90 IN x 108 IN

  • Quilt top measurements may vary by +-6 IN before the size is considered the next size up or down. If you send us an oversized throw that is more a Twin than the quilt will qualify as a Twin for that month. We will send you an email updating you on your quilt quota per month when we process the quilts you send us. We cannot process a king size quilt past 108 IN in any direction.

  • The 4 IN of extra material requested in our Quilt Prep Guidelines on each side of the quilt top you send us is not calculated in how we determine your quilt size. The 4 IN of extra material is not stitched on is a a boundary helpful in the machining hold down process.

  • Annual subscribers who pay for the full year with the 10% savings, can take the whole year’s quantity can parcel it into months as they please. We keep track of all the sizes we process based on your plan level.

  • By subscribing to this plan, you are agreeing to all the terms above. We reserve the right to modify and add to conditions and terms. Plan members will be updated with any changes in policies, terms or conditions.