How to Prepare Your Quilt Top for Quilting Services

Please note that our goal is to keep production running so you get your quilt back as quickly as possible. Please follow these guidelines as closely as you can. If you have any questions, we are happy to help. See our HELPFUL VIDEOS page for help too!

  • Press your quilt top and backing thoroughly. On both sides, all seams and surfaces need to be flat and without any overlapping seams on the top and flat seams on the back. All seams should be as flat as possible and the top should be ironed flat.
  • If your backing is pieced, please iron the seams flat. It is best if seams on backing run horizontal to the top of the quilt. If your backing has several pieces in all directions please make sure corners are squared, edges are straight and seams are ironed flat. Please do not apply starch to your quilt top or backing because this can gum up the needle and causes thread breakage in the sewing process. 
  • Clearly label the top edge of your quilt top and backing even if the print seems to you directional, the clear notation of the top of the quilt top and the top of the backing prevents possible positioning errors. Most people pin a piece of paper that clearly states top to the quilt top and backing.

  • Your quilt should have a flat smooth surface for our edge to edge top stitch services. If there is anything dimensional or loose on your quilt top it needs to be basted down flat so that our machine head will not get caught on the surface. If your quilt has any flaps or pleats or anything unusual, please contact us before you place your order.

  • Square up your backing fabric not just on the top and bottom but on the sides as well. Make sure your backing is a minimum of 4 to 6″ wider on all  sides Here is some help with the math? Simply take your quilt top width and add 8 to 12 inches to determine total backing size.  We will not sew on material as leaders if you send us a quilt backing that is exactly the same size as your quilt top. If the backing will not support your quilt top we reserve the right to cancel, refund and return your order to you minus the return shipping postage. It is critical that the backing is wider than your quilt top. We need to keep the backing tight and flat with space space to clamp.

  • Clip all loose threads from the back and front of the quilt top.  They will show through lighter fabric.

  • Pack your quilt top and backing in a box or envelope. We highly suggest you encase your materials in a plastic bag inside of the box for an extra layer of protection. Please ship your materials to The Modern Quilting Company, 199 Creamery Road, Stanfordville, NY 12581

  • Please include either a copy of your order confirmation in your box or a note with your name, order number and the order details (thread color, pattern and if the batting and or backing was purchased along with the order) include any details you want us to know. 

  • If you would like to confirm that your package has arrived, please send us an email with your order number to confirm it’s arrival. If you have questions, email us at

  • When your quilt is shipped back to you, you will receive a notification email with a tracking number for you to track your shipment.


We always try to deliver you the very best possible result however human error is always possible. We have tried to create on our end as much structure as possible to prevent errors.  We have done hundreds of quilts, and very rarely have anyone who is disappointed with our craftsmanship, we take the responsibility you are entrusting us with very seriously and try to do our very best with each order.  If your quilt turns out anything but perfect we will try our hardest to make it right, but cannot be held responsible for miscommunications that fall outside of what the service provides. It is important you ask questions or make your comments on your order know to us so we can address them. The quilting process has many components coming together including a machine that can have needle breaks and other issues once or twice where a needle snagged and caught the fabric making a minor tear, or sometimes the quilt isn't square or the borders don't lay flat and we are forced to deal with the minor ruffle or a quilt top that does not lie flat or at the bottom of the quilt the border bows. 

We bring up these issues because they are realities to the services and the issues we see and we feel it is best to inform you so that on both sides we can do all we can to prepare and process your beautiful creation to come out the best possible.