How to Save $2,268 on Your Love of Quilting?

How to Save $2,268 on Your Love of Quilting?

The day started as almost every other day does here, 8 AM I checked my emails and responded to some overnight questions while enjoying a cup of coffee. I then went to review the day’s stack of quilt tops to be stitched and coordinate what to get started first. Then the phone rang and it was not that the phone ringing was unusual it was that on the other end of the call was a question that I had been quite happily answering almost everyday but it felt like no one was getting the math and it was all my fault. Since we have put together the monthly subscription long arm quilting service packages we have many interested quilters and in fact I have learned even more about the challenges that quilters face when engaging a long arm service, from extraordinarily long wait times to very limited design options to experiences that had just plain old discouraged them from regularly using a long arm service.

So when I finished that call I realized what I needed to do to really illustrate what it is we are trying to provide and sorry to say but it is a chart with numbers and serious savings. We have seriously analyzed and studied the prices far and wide for long arm services and looked hard at service models, asking ourselves questions like how easy is it for quilters to get pricing with no hidden costs and having a math degree? How many quilt tops and what sizes do people make the most of? How extensive are the offerings by other providers for thread color? And many other questions. We have worked to create a system that addresses the results of what we found and offer something unique to the quilting community.

What is a monthly subscription long arm service plan? It is a flat monthly cost that allows you to send a set number of quilts to us each month to be stitched and returned to you all under the umbrella of that flat monthly cost. Batting, thread and return shipping of your quilt to you is included in the cost. With our ever expanding library of designs and we are quite happy to match any edge to edge design that you don’t see in our library, the plan can allow you to make quilt tops with an easy online order system and when you need to talk to someone directly, we are here a phone call or email away.

Overwhelming we found that other long arm service providers charge for the price per square inch of stitching and separately for batting, thread and return shipping. Average cost per square inch for long arm services: .025 dollars per square inch and 11.20 yd 80/20 Cotton Blend Batting and some long arm services also charge for thread but here we will simply use the batting and stitching costs. Let’s do the math and keep in mind there is an awesome chart below to help really clearly breakdown the monthly subscription plan savings and our regular long arm service savings!

Formula for calculating per square inch cost of your quilt if cost is .025 dollars per square inch:

length x width x .025 = cost example: 90 x 90 x .025 = $202.50



So where does $2,268 come out of? Well, that is where we did alot of calculating and planning with the creation of the Master Needler Plan. Not only do you get the option of several quilts each month to send to us but just the savings of 2 king size quilt long arm serviced by us every month saves you a total of $2,268 a year. Typically through our regular long arm service a king size quilt would cost $243 and that is 12% savings from the long arm quilting service industry average. Two king size quilts long armed for $297 is a great deal of savings! This kind of savings on your long arm services means more money to spend on building that beautiful stash of fabrics you have growing out of every corner. If you have any questions about our services, do not hesitate to reach out. As you can see we think alot about it!

We have also created a calculator on the Regular Long Arm Service form where you can directly enter the dimensions of your quilt top and see the cost of our regular long arm service. As always we look forward to working with you to turn that gorgeous quilt top back into your hands with a beautiful top stitch!

Here’s some of the basic data we compiled that adds up to what average long arm services cost:


Baby Quilt 36 IN x 48 IN TOTALS $54.40 with no binding

Costs $43.20 + 11.20 yd (cost of batting) = $54.40

Throw Quilt 48 IN x 60 IN TOTALS $94.40 with no binding

Costs $72 + 22.40 (cost of batting) = $94.40

Twin 66 IN x 90 IN TOTALS $170.90 with no binding

Costs 148.50 + 22.40 (cost of batting) = $170.90

Queen 90 IN x 90 IN TOTALS $236.10 with no binding

Costs 202.50 + 33.60 (cost of batting) = $236.10

King 90 IN x 108 IN TOTALS $276.60 with no binding

Costs 243 + 33.60 (cost of batting) = $276.60

And here is the chart to help show how our services and plans compare with this:

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